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Patient Testimonial 1

Hello my name is Dan. I received bariatric surgery and it has changed my life. Before the surgery I struggled with my weight. I would diet, lose weight but always gained it back and usually more. I couldn’t go for a walk without huffing and puffing and tying my shoes was a chore.

Knowing several people that had the surgery and seeing the transformation in their lives I asked my doctor if he could get me a referral to the clinic. After what seems like years I got my call and without hesitation I joined the program.

Being the first in my family to develop diabetes on top of my high blood pressure and high cholesterol, I knew this program would be a life saver for me.

Two things really pushed me to get into the program. The first was to be able to enjoy retirement with my wife and being able to enjoy my grandchildren, especially being able to dance with my granddaughter when she gets married. Something my father never got to enjoy.

Since my surgery I have lost over 115 pounds. I am no longer on any medications, my blood pressure is good and my diabetes is gone. I can walk without huffing and puffing, bend over and tie my shoes, and I have energy to play with my grandkids. Life is good.

I know that if I don’t embrace the lifestyle changes, I may fall back into my old ways. I walk every day, I track what I eat everyday and make sure I drink my water. I still enjoy all the foods I ate before the surgery, but know that I have to watch my portions.

To sum it up, joining the program was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, other than asking my wife to marry me.

Patient Testimonial 2

There are not enough words that can adequately express my gratitude to the bariatric surgical assessment clinic of Regina.

Through a lifetime of weight gain, high blood pressure, cellulitis infections and asthma I had begun to lose faith in the medical system and faith in myself and my ability to positively influence my health. The bariatric clinic believed in me and not only changed my life, they saved it.

I had a wonderful life before surgery that included a good career, wonderful friends, family and an amazing and supportive partner. However, going through the surgical assessment clinic and having surgery has given me the opportunity to begin a life long journey of healing and caring for myself that has enhanced me as an individual.

The pre-surgical clinic truly set me up for success post-surgery and although I was terrified of the program, the commitment and ultimately the surgical procedure, I can now say with the utmost confidence that I was in the best possible hands. This is truly a holistic program that is deigned to focus not only on weight loss, but on the root causes of obesity and to give patients an opportunity for education and putting healthy lifestyle changes into practice.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the program to anyone wanting to change their life as it has truly changed mine.

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