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Contact Your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner to Discuss Your Eligibility for Bariatric Surgery

Your family doctor/nurse practitioner will assess your condition and, if he/she feel you may benefit from the surgery they will refer you to the RQHR Bariatric Surgical Program.

Your referral will be reviewed for acceptance into the program by the bariatric surgeon.

Once you are approved for the program, you will receive a letter outlining the acceptance and estimated wait time to begin the program.

Note: Once approved, the wait time for initial appointment can be greater than eighteen months.

While you’re waiting for an appointment

While you are waiting for your call to start the program, there are steps you can take to start to prepare for entry into the program:

  1. Watch the Bariatric Surgical Program Videos;
  2. Watch and work through the Healthy Living Modules;
  3. Maintain a smoke free lifestyle (this includes vaping and maijuana);
  4. Decrease drinking alcohol, beer, and wine;
  5. Eliminate drinking carbonated beverages of all kinds (pop, beer, carbonated water);
  6. Decrease consuming caffeine;
  7. Eliminate using non-prescription or illicit drugs; and
  8. Be mindful of food choices through food journaling.

You will be contacted by the clinic with an appointment and details outlining what to expect at your first visit and throughout the program.


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