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Our staff is here to help you along your journey.

Our team is made up of surgeons, a Registered Nurse, a Registered Dietitian, a Physical Therapist, a Registered Social Worker, and a psychology team. Our staff is here to help you along your journey as we know that considering bariatric surgery for weight loss is an important decision. We’ll provide information about the surgery, what to expect in hospital, pre- and post-surgery nutrition, exercise recommendations, and support.

Our team will support you throughout your involvement in the Surgical Bariatric Program which includes focusing on your emotional, physical, nutritional, and educational needs.

Our surgeons are specially trained in bariatric surgery for obesity treatment and will guide you in the direction to the type of surgery which is right for you. They provide follow up care related to bariatric surgery while you are in the program.

A Registered Nurse is there to help educate patients and gain access to information to help guide optimal treatment strategies for the patient.

The Registered Dietitian’s role is to assess, monitor and guide you towards the nutritional changes you will need to make to prepare for surgery. The Dietitian is also there to help you achieve optimal nutrition and successful weight loss both before and after surgery.

Social Worker
The Social Worker's role is to complete an assessment of your emotional readiness for bariatric surgery and preparation for long-term success. It may be recommended that some patients work with the psychology team for additional support.

Psychology Team
The psychology team's role is to offer additional support to patients who may be experiencing mental health issues or concerns that require additional support.

Physical Therapist
Physical activity is an important part of any weight loss program. The Physical Therapist is there to help guide patients toward small, safe, and achievable goals.


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