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The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program provides an outpatient program of education and exercise for individuals and their families who are learning to live with heart disease. People who have had a heart attack, heart surgery, angioplasty or stent, heart rhythm problems or other heart conditions will benefit from the program.

 Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs can maximize lifespan, reduce chances of recurring heart events and optimize quality of life through risk reduction and lifestyle changes.

Video: Cardiac Rehabilitation - Your Road to Recovery - This 11 minute video will help explain what is offered at the Regina and area Cardiac Rehab Program and how you can participate in it.

Education Classes

Six education classes are offered on a monthly basis (with the exception of July and August). Currently the classes are held at the kinesiology building, University of Regina.  Call the Cardiac Rehab Program Coordinator at (306) 766-3843 for more information or to register for classes. 
Classes are free and held Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10:15 - 11:50 a.m.

Classes are taught by registered nurses, social workers, dieticians, pharmacists and exercise therapists.

Overview of class content:

  1. Understanding Heart Disease
    • How the heart works
    • Heart problems - signs and symptoms
    • Tests and treatments
  2. How to Reduce Risk Factors
    • Identify risk factors of heart disease
    • Steps to reduce risk factors
    • How to develop a heart healthy lifestyle
    • "Live Well with Chronic Conditions" - this topic is included in class two - How to Reduce Risk Factors
    • "Live Well with Chronic Conditions" is a support program offered in Regina and area that provides practical suggestions and strategies for anyone living with a chronic condition
    • Program is free and groups meet once a week for six weeks.
    • Sessions are offered throughout the year at various locations.
    • Contact the Live Well with Chronic Disease Coordinator at (306) 766-7370 for more information or to register.
  3. Medications
    • Learn about the most common medications used to treat heart disease
    • Risks and benefits of cardiac medications and how they work
  4. Nutrition for life
    • Healthy eating is not a diet; it's a choice you make for life
    • How to make healthy and tasty choices to improve your cholesterol, blood pressure and body weight
  5. Stress
    • Focuses on stress management and the emotional journey to recovery after a heart event
    • How to deal with stress in a healthy manner
    • How to set realistic goals for lifestyle change
  6. Exercise and Active Living
    • Benefits of exercise and active living
    • Precautions of exercise
    • How to achieve a safe level of activity
    • Resuming sexual activity
    • How to get involved with the Dr. Paul Schwann Centre

For more information on the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program click here.


Exercise Sessions

The Dr. Paul Schwann Centre, University of Regina, offers individualized exercise sessions
Home exercise programs can also be arranged
Sessions are supervised by medical personnel
Your Doctor must refer you to the Centre

For costs or schedule information contact the Dr. Paul Schwann Centre
Phone - (306) 585-4004
Visit their web site

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