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These activities are purely recreational and will not be covered by Cognitive Disability Strategy (CDS) funding. You will be responsible for any costs.


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  • It is with understanding and shared circumstances that SaskFEAT recognizes that the diagnosis of Autism of one family member significantly affects the entire family, especially the siblings. A child in this type of situation doesn’t receive the same sort of attention they may in a typical family atmosphere, to no fault of the family. It is just the reality of the situation when a family member is diagnosed with autism. They require more attention. This is where SaskFEAT comes in!  SaskFEAT is offering respite funding to acknowledge the siblings that have a brother or sister diagnosed with Autism and its’ impact on all family members and assists children from this stress.
  • Sibling Retreats: If you're a sibling or parent of an individual with an intellectual disability, the SACL offers a series of retreats throughout the year. At each retreat, attendees build relationships through fun activities, workshops, and presentations. If you're looking to connect with other families that are just like yours, SACL retreats will offer you the chance to meet others, share knowledge, and share stories in a supporting and understanding environment. 

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