Fall 2017

The following were the groups and details on the groups we offered during the fall of 2017. 


Cooking group: The Regina R.E.A.C.H program and Child and Youth Services have partnered together to provide this class for individuals with ASD.  Each week, the R.E.A.C.H coordinator, Irene, will lead the group by teaching new recipes to the participants.  Participants will increase their knowledge of functional life skills through a cooking class and learn about kitchen & food safety. Participants will practice various social skills including table manners and working within a group setting. Service providers will be on hand to provide social coaching and feedback. This group also reduces isolation through peer companionship.

  • 46 invites were sent via email, the 6 first replies confirmed, and attended consistently.


Girls Drop in Group: This is an opportunity for girls diagnosed with high functioning Autism to participate in fun, low cost social events in our community (such as bowling, mini-golf, fitness centers etc.) once a month. The goal is to facilitate social interaction amongst peers within the community, to develop friendships and to practice social skills. Transportation and expenses for the activity are the responsibility of the parent. As this was a drop in group the attendance is not consistent. May: 10/14 came June: 7/11 came July: 6/9 came July 2/8 came August 5/7 came, August 5/10 came, October, 6/11, November 12/14, December 9/10.


Facing Your Fears: Group Therapy Program was designed specifically for the management of anxiety in children/teens diagnosed with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The format includes 11 sessions that parent(s) attend with their child/teen and these are focused on cognitive-behavioural strategies (including exposure) to use in everyday situations to manage anxiety symptoms. For the fall 2017 session 7 client registered and 6 attended throughout the sessions offered.  


Incredible Flexible You/We Thinkers: is a Social Thinking Curriculum for young students teaching the concept of thinking about others.

  • 29 invites, were sent out and 6 participants and their parents attended the group.


Magic the Gathering: continued this fall with consistent participants.



Minecraft: Was successful with a new set of children attending the social group.


More than Words:

  • 20 invites were sent to families, there was not enough response so group was cancelled but is booked to run in January 2018.


Parents Meet Up: Is a group intended for parents of newly diagnosed preschool children. The topics are chosen by the parents and allow for learning and discussion. This session was more informal often covering 2 topics in an evening session. Some topics included Applied Behavioral Analysis, Behaviour Problem Solving, Disability Tax Credit discussion, as well as topics from our Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Pathologist.

  • 28 parents were Invited, 6 declined, 10 confirmed but only 5 regularly attended.


Parent Resiliency Group: Started a new cycle with a new set of parents, while the other set of parents met continued to meet at well.



Superflex: A social skill building group for children ages 9-11 who have been diagnosed with high functioning Autism. The goal of this curriculum is to provide a fun, motivating way to improve the child’s flexibility and social interactions. The concept is based on the ideas that we all have a superhero, Superflex, in our brains, and he is constantly battling Rock Brain and the “Team of Unthinkables” (a variety of behaviors) such as: the Un-Wonderer, Space Invader, and Brain Eater, etc., who may come and try to take over our brains. The children will be able to identify what behaviours are making it hard for them in social situations and learn Superflexible Strategies to defeat their ‘Unthinkables’.

  • 29 invited, 9 declined, 6 confirmed



NRG (New Respite Group):  Ran most Sundays in the community with a session both in the morning and afternoon. Attendance is based on staff availability as children are paired 1:1 with interventionists. 

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