Children's Program Team

​You will meet many people during your visits to Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. The following team members may be involved at different stages of your child’s development.

Intake Team:
Intake coordinator, Rehabilitation Coordinator, appointment scheduler and representatives from occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech language pathology, and social work review the new referrals to determine the most appropriate services for the child based on the information received.

Adaptive Equipment Technician:
In coordination with the occupational and physical therapists, designs, manufactures, and fits custom-made equipment.

Administrative Assistant:
Provide clerical support to the team.

Appointment Scheduler:
Coordinates and schedules appointments.

Helps you choose which foods to feed your child for optimal growth and nutrition.

Exercise Therapist:
Helps your child develop strength, endurance, and coordination to improve movement, play skills, and fitness.

Responsible for the overall service delivery of the program.

Music Therapist:
Develops your child’s learning, social skills, movement, and communication skills through music.

Occupational Therapist:
Works to make the most of your child’s ability to participate in daily activities such as playing, eating, and dressing. Provides recommendations for appropriate equipment to achieve these goals.

Physical Therapist:
Helps to develop movement skills. Recommends programs and/or equipment as appropriate to assist motor skill development.

Help you understand your child’s overall development, including learning, emotions, behavior, play and social skills.

Registered Nurse:
Coordinates clinics and helps you with your child's health needs.

Rehabilitation Coordinator:
Coordinates program development and evaluation. Networks with community resources.

Seating Technician:
In coordination with the occupational and physical therapists, designs, manufactures, and fits wheelchair seating systems.

Social Worker:
Provides a link between the team and the family as well as with community resources. Social work provides information, supportive counseling and assistance for children and their families.

Speech-Language Pathologist:
Develops communication skills and assists with listening and understanding skills, vocabulary development, language and speech sounds.

Therapy Assistant (OTA/PTA):
Assists the occupational and physical therapists in providing prescribed therapy services.

Other Professional available to Children’s Program

Assists the body to move with custom-made bracing and pre-manufactured equipment.

A doctor who specializes in working with children.

Pediatric Surgeon:
A surgeon who specializes in operating on children.

Pediatric Nephrologist:
A doctor who specializes in treating children with disorders of the kidney and urinary tract.

A surgeon who specializes in disorders of the brain or nervous system.

Plastic Surgeon:
A surgeon who repairs deformities caused by birth defects, injury, illness or tumors.

Doctor who specializes in restoring optimal function to children with injuries to the muscles, bones, and nervous system.

Orthopedic Specialist:
Doctor who specializes in disease or injury to the bones, muscles, and ligaments.

Designs, manufactures, and fits artificial limbs.

A doctor who specializes in treatment of ear, nose and throat conditions.

A dentist who specializes in straightening teeth using braces.

An audiologist assesses hearing and provides aids to hearing.

Pediatric Neurologist:
A doctor who specializes in disorders of the nervous system.

Pediatric Respirologist:
A doctor who specializes in Disorders of breathing.

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