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The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) believes that it is our responsibility to provide our patients and families with clear and transparent information about what they can expect when they come to our facilities.

Patients and families also have a right to know what acceptable practice is and can feel supported by the Standards of Care.

The RQHR believes that patients and families are at the centre of all that we do, and are the most important contributors to safe and quality care. The document highlights, from a patient’s perspective, those activities that can be expected from the care experience.

RQHR Standards of Care

RQHR Standards of Care outlines the expectations for the care experience from Pre-Admission to Discharge and the processes associated with this journey.

RQHR Standards of Care Background

The RQHR Standards of Care were originally developed by the Nursing Professional Practice Council in 2008. It was expected that the Standards would be adopted by nursing units and department to guide best practice.

When it was time to review the Standards of Care, the RQHR involved all professional groups, as the standards could be applicable in all professional practice.

The Inter-Professional Clinical Quality Committee (ICQC) reviewed and approved the standards. There are two patient representatives on this committee.

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