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The history of working specifically to improve health outcomes for First Nations and Métis people dates back to 1993 when the former Regina Health District held consultations to assess First Nations and Métis health needs.

The recommendations set the foundation for service development that resulted in new initiatives for the District including:

  • two healing centres – one in the Pasqua Hospital, one in the Regina General Hospital
  • the creation of Four Directions Health Centre
  • an Aboriginal community development program and
  • programs to promote First Nations and Métis employment and awareness among staff in the Region.

In 1998, the Regina District Health Board initiated a planning process to identify key areas in which improvements in Aboriginal health. A working group of District staff and internal advisors was formed and identified priorities for service enhancement. These priorities were identified in the Aboriginal Health Initiative Report that was published in June 2000. Following that publication, the "Working Together Towards Excellent Project" was initiated.

The intent of the "Working Together Towards Excellence Project" was to explore how the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, working with partners could assume a leadership role in the area of First Nations and Métis Health. Consultations were held and the "Improving First Nations and Métis Health Outcomes: A Call to Collaborative Action: A Report of the 'Working Together Towards Excellence Project'," was published. Recommendations in the report propose the development of collaborative efforts by a broad range of stakeholders.

The "Working Together Towards Excellence Project" provided the blueprint for establishing an office in RQHR for First Nations and Métis health. In 2007, the office received a spirit name, Eagle Moon Health Office, through a First Nation ceremony.

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