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First responder teams provide essential service to their communities.

They are highly trained and carry medical equipment. They volunteer their time, day and night, to respond to medical and trauma emergencies. These dedicated volunteers provide basic life support until an ambulance arrives.

There are First Responder Teams in the following Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region communities.

East – Mike Lang, Indian Head EMS 695-2191

1. Abernethy
2. Broadview
3. Carry the Kettle
4. Lemberg
5. Mclean
6. Montmartre
7. Odessa
8. Qu’Appelle
9. Rocanville
11. Wapella
12. Welwyn
13. Wolseley 

West – Daniel Lewis, Regina EMS 766-6258

14. Balgonie
15. Bethune
16. Earl Grey
17. Edenwold
18. Grand Coulee
19. Lumsden
20. North Shore (Silton)
21. Pense
22. Pilot Butte
23. Raymore
24. Riceton/Gray
25. RM Sarnia (Holdfast, Dilke)
26. South Shore (Regina Beach, Buena Vista)
27. Sedley
28. Southey
29. White City

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