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Bed bugs have quickly become a worldwide issue. Click here for more information regarding identification, prevention and extermination of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are small, biting insects with oval-shaped bodies and no wings. Bed bugs usually hide during the day and feed on humans at night.

Bed bugs have quickly become a worldwide issue. One reason for the increase of bed bugs is that they can multiply quickly – most female bed bugs lay about 200 to 500 eggs in their lifetime.  Another reason bed bugs are more common is that they can travel easily – we can pick up bed bugs in many places and carry them from place to place on our clothing, luggage, furniture and other belongings. Bed bug infestations can happen regardless of income, type of dwelling, or cleanliness.

While bed bugs are not known to spread disease, people dealing with an infestation can experience stress and anxiety, lose sleep and spend a lot of money to correct the problem.  

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Bed Bug Fact Sheet

Bed bug fact sheet
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