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In many areas there is not a communal sewage disposal system for buildings to hook into. In these circumstances an Onsite Sewage Disposal System is needed to safely contain or dispose of liquid waste created from the building.

These can include Holding Tanks, Septic Tanks, Chamber Systems, Absorption Fields, Mounds, Jets and Lagoons. It is recommended that an experienced installer be contacted to carry out the installation of onsite wastewater systems, and in certain sensitive areas this may be mandatory. Which system you are permitted to install and use will depend on several factors. The following steps will guide you through the process for receiving approval to install your system right through to passing inspection so you can safely enjoy the use of your system for years to come.

  1. The first step to determine which system would be appropriate for your circumstances would be to read the Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Disposal Guide. This guide will discuss minimum required set-back distances, installation requirements, soil testing and more to help walk you through your design and installation process.

  2. Once you have read the Onsite Wastewater Disposal Guide and have completed the appropriate forms please fill in and submit the  Onsite Sewage Disposal Application Form and submit all forms to environmentalhealth@rqhealth.ca for approval.

  3. Once you have received approval you may now begin the construction and installation process for your system. Ensure the system remains uncovered/open until you speak with Public Health Inspector as they may require an onsite inspection prior to the system being covered over.

  4. Please contact your local Public Health Inspector or call 306-766-7755 to arrange for an inspection of your completed system. A minimum of two working days notice is required prior to the date of the requested inspection. Tanks, Mounds, Chamber Systems etc., should not be covered without prior approval from the inspector

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process please contact a Public Health Inspector at 306-766-7755 or email environmentalhealth@rqhealth.ca 

Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Disposal Guide

Guidance Document for Developments and Subdivisions Where Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems are Proposed

Onsite Sewage Disposal Application

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