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Pre-Operative assessments
Ophthalmic professionals perform assessments for patients undergoing ophthalmic surgical procedures. For patients requiring cataract extraction, with an intraocular lens implant, biometry procedures are performed and care instructions are given.

Biometry measures the cornea and other ocular structures. It is often performed on both eyes and is used to determine a range of intraocular lenses, from which the ophthalmologist selects the most appropriate lens for each person.

Post-Operative assessments
All patients are monitored following ophthalmic surgery by the ophthalmologist, with the assistance of a nurse, orthoptist or ophthalmic technician.

Visual Field Testing
This is a diagnostic procedure that uses specialized equipment to map vision centrally and peripherally in order to monitor a client for visual field changes. Professionals in the Eye Centre perform this procedure on referral from an ophthalmologist.

Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Ocular Coherence Tomography produces an image of the delicate structures of the retina. It is an innovative, non-invasive, diagnostic procedure performed by ophthalmic professionals, on referral from an Ophthalmologist.

Patients are referred by an Ophthalmologist for this procedure. An Eye Centre professional performs pachymetry in order to measure the thickness of the cornea.

Corneal Topography
Corneal Topography is a diagnostic procedure, which maps the surface of the cornea in order to monitor and detect corneal irregularities. An ophthalmologist refers patients for corneal topography and an ophthalmic professional in the Eye Centre performs the procedure.

Ophthalmic Photography
Ocular photographs are taken by professional medical photographers at the request of an ophthalmologist. These photographs are to determine and document pathological ocular changes, especially prior to treatment.

Full diagnostic ophthalmic examinations are performed by ophthalmologists on referral from family physicians, emergency physicians, optometrists, as well as other ophthalmologists and specialists. Ultrasounds and scans are often used in conjunction with consultation. Emergency examinations are also performed in the outpatient clinic by staff ophthalmologists.

Therapeutic treatments are performed by Eye Centre Ophthalmologists for patients with specific ocular problems. When required, cryotherapy, which is the use of extreme cold, can be used for treatment of retinal holes, retinal detachments, retinal tears and removal of eyelashes.


Lasers are used for treatment of ophthalmic patients requiring laser therapy. Lasers are housed in the Eye Centre for staff ophthalmologists to use.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Photodynamic Therapy is performed in the Eye Centre by an Ophthalmologist with the assistance of an ophthalmic nurse. PDT may be used as a treatment for macular degeneration (AMD). The Ophthalmologist uses a specialized laser light with a light-activated drug to treat abnormal blood vessels that are present in AMD.

Minor Surgery
Minor ocular surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist with the assistance of a nurse in the Eye Centre.

Resource Centre
The resource centre maintains information on ophthalmology, including current articles, information sheets, books and journals for patients and other service providers with ophthalmic questions.

Refractive Laser Surgery (Lasik)
Refractive laser surgery is not done within the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region. Further information related to refractive surgery is available from:

Health Canada at

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