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The regional placement protocol has is a client first focus providing the right service, to the right client at the right time, and in the right environment. We do clients a disservice if they have Long Term Care (LTC) needs, but are accommodated in acute care environment. This practice has been in place in the rural area for 12 years, and is now expanding into the urban centre, allowing the Region to maximize the use of LTC beds across the region.

On July 1, 2015, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) expanded the first available bed option throughout the region to include all facilities within:

  • A driving distance of no greater than 150 kilometers from Regina General Hospital for urban clients.
  • A driving distance of no greater than 150 kilometers from the client’s home hospital for rural clients.

Options for clients, who have been approved for placement, and wish to remain in community while waiting for admission to their facility of preference, include:

  • Clients can remain at home with Home Care services, and supplement, as needed, with their own resources.
  • Clients can arrange to live in a Personal Care Home, where they may have to supplement the services.
  • If these options are not desirable or viable, clients will be placed into a first available bed in any facility in the RQHR, within the designated driving distance of no greater than 150 kilometers.

The first available bed options, in the Region, have been expanded to include:

Clients, who are placed into one of the rural LTC facilities, will be pleased to find that these sites include: all private rooms/bathrooms, small home-like settings, scenic locations, support from communities and integration of residents into community activities. After placement into a first available bed, clients can access their facility of preference in chronological order, by following the region’s established processes.

Clients/families have the option of identifying up to three facilities of their preference. Please inform the SWADD Client Placement Coordinator (306-766-7168) of preferences. The SWADD Client Placement Coordinator will activate those preferences on the client’s record in the Client Central database and the client’s name will be listed on the Wait Lists for the specified facilities.

If an urban client’s priority is to be transferred back to a facility in Regina, they are advised to identify Parkside Extendicare, Sunset Extendicare and Pioneer Village as their three preferences. These are the largest LTC facilities in Regina and therefore these are the facilities in which vacancies are most often available. Relocating, from a rural facility to one of these large facilities in Regina, will result in the client leaving a private room with private washroom and being admitted to a shared room (often with 3 other residents). However, the client has the option of then identifying any facility in Regina (other than Wascana Rehab Center) as their preferences.

There is nothing to be gained or lost by taking your time before specifying your preferences. It is always the date that the client was approved for placement that remains constant and determines the client’s status on Wait Lists. The client never loses their status on the Chronological Wait Lists.


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