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About Native Health Services

Receiving health care in a hospital can be a stressful experience for anyone. It is even harder if you are not from the majority culture, speak a language other than English and have different beliefs about how to deal with your personal well-being. These are difficulties that can be faced by Native patients requiring hospital care.

Using the wellness model, Native Health Services assists clients in finding and maintaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Responding to clients with an awareness of cultural and spiritual diversity, Native Health Services provides an alternative for clients seeking traditional Aboriginal approaches to health care.

Counselling services are designed to reflect the importance of nature, spirituality, prayer and the circle. They speak to the four primary points of the medicine circle - physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. They promote the traditional, humble way of life. An Elder plays a key role in counselling on lifestyle management.

Native Health Centres

The Native Health Centres at the Pasqua and Regina General Hospitals take into account the cultural values and expectations of Aboriginal peoples.

Instead of being built like standard counseling offices, the centres are circular, in keeping with the traditional medicine wheel or circle, which is an ancient symbol used by almost all the Native people of North and South America.

The Centres facilitate healing, prayer, teaching and other assistance required to maintain wellness in the individual and the community.

While designed specifically to help Aboriginal people deal with the hospital environment, Native Health Centre services are available to all those seeking an alternative method of healing the physical, mental, spiritual or emotional aspects of their lives.

Where We Are Located

Regina General Hospital
Level 1
1440 - 14th Avenue, S4P 0W5
Phone: (306) 766-4155

Pasqua Hospital
Level 1
4101 Dewdney Avenue, S4T 1A5
Phone: (306) 766-2232

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