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The Perinatal Outreach Education Program assists to coordinate and deliver evidence based educational programs and services within the SHA and southern areas of the province. The program consults and provides resources to nursing, midwifery, medicine, administrative personal, and the patient and families within the region and health care facilities in the Southern half of the province.

Regina General Hospital, Office 2C 17
1440 14th Ave
Regina, SK S4P 0W5
Phone: 306-766-0707
Fax: 306-766-4149
Hours: Monday to Thursday, except Statutory Holidays
7:30 – 4:00 p.m.

The Perinatal Education Program, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Health Authority for Regina and area and Perinatal Outreach Education collaborate on a number of programs, projects and initiatives to promote distributive learning pertaining to perinatal care and to respond to continuing learning needs for providers of maternal and newborn care on a provincial basis, including rural and remote locations in Saskatchewan.

Our goal is to promote optimal perinatal outcomes based on evidence-based care and to identify, facilitate and evaluate continuing education and professional development for physicians, nurses, midwives and other health care professionals providing care to mothers and their newborns.

Featured courses include:

  • Best Practices in Intrapartum Care - 2-day workshop;
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) - Pre-study and on-line exam with a one day on-site course;
  • The S.T.A.B.L.E Program (Assessment & Stabilization Care of Sick Newborns) – two day workshop;
  • Fetal Health Surveillance Course – Pre-study with one day workshop;
  • Essentials of Obstetrical Care - six to eight hour workshop; and
  • Managing the Emergency Delivery – four and half hour workshop.

Please see our newsletter for more information:

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The Perinatal Outreach Education Program assists with numerous initiatives within the Saskatchewan Health Authority for Regina and area and the province of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Perinatal Database Committee

MOREOB - Delivering evidence based practices to ensure the we are Managing Obstetrical Risks Effectively (MOREOB)

Baby Friendly Initiative - Assisting to ensure that the region is Baby Friendly following the 10 steps outlined by the World Health Organization.

Perinatal Loss Committee - Assisting the committee to develop and implement policies and procedures related to perinatal loss.

For access to the RQHR Perinatal Loss Support Program Teaching Manual please contact 306-766-0707 or email


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