Health Status Reports

The Health Status Report provides information on the health of the population in the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region.

This provides not only a “benchmark” about where the health of the population stands, but also serves as a basis for future health planning in terms of recognizing diverse needs associated with demographic structure, health status, health behaviours and prevention measures, and determinants of health.

2014 Seniors' Health Status Report
This report includes key statistics from a variety of sources on demographics, health related behaviours and conditions, health care services utilization, causes of hospitalization and mortality and cancer incidence and mortality in RQHR seniors.

2011 Rural Health Status Report

2010 Health Status Report
This report was initially posted in November 2011. A few errors were inadvertently made with the creation of the report and the report with the errors was removed on February 1, 2012. This posting contains revisions that are current as of February 2, 2012. If you have printed off a full copy of the report prior to February 1, 2012 and want to replace those pages that are incorrect, these are the page numbers: 27, 38, 56, 61, 73 and 84. We thank those who have given us feedback.

2008 Rural Health Status Report

2004 Health Status Report



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