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The interdisciplinary team may include:

Your physiatrist is a doctor who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He/she will work closely with you and the members of the Rehabilitation Team to provide leadership in designing a treatment plan most beneficial to you.

Orthopaedic Surgeon
An orthopaedic surgeon is a doctor specializing in musculoskeletal disorders, such as knee and hip arthroplasties. Your orthopaedist is in contact with members of the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Team.

Attending Physician
A doctor is assigned to you on admission. This general practitioner makes rounds daily, Monday to Friday, and will provide general medical care. Emergency Care may require transfer to an acute care centre.

Rehabilitation Nurses
Inpatient rehabilitation nurses will assist you in attaining maximum functional ability, maintaining optimal health and adapting to an altered lifestyle. Outpatient, rehabilitation nurses are available to you after discharge, or as an outpatient, to answer your questions, teach, counsel or help you access the health care system.

Physical Therapists
Your physical therapist will assist you in maximizing your physical potential by increasing your strength, mobility and endurance. The treatment program may include a specific exercise program, pool therapy or other treatments. You may participate in therapy in one of the Therapy Departments or on the unit.

Exercise Therapist
Your doctor or physical therapist may refer you to an exercise therapist. The exercise therapist works with you to improve your overall fitness level.

Occupational Therapist
Your occupational therapist will work with you to be as independent as possible at home, work and in the community. He or she will teach you new techniques, develop skills, select and adapt equipment, recommend modifications to the home and workplace.

Speech-Language Pathologist
Your speech-language pathologist will assist you in maximizing your communication potential by providing assessment and treatment for speech and language disorders. Your speech language pathologist will also assess and provide recommendations for swallowing disorders.

The neuropsychologist provides assessment, consultation and treatment in cognitive areas (such as orientation, attention, memory, organizational skills and intellectual functioning), mood adjustment, personality and behavioral changes.

The psychologist focuses on helping the whole person function in his or her family and life situation. Psychological assessment and a variety of therapeutic approaches in counselling are available. Education in relaxation techniques and pacing are included in group treatment for the self-management of chronic pain.

Social Workers
A social worker is available to help you deal with questions or concerns, which may arise as a result of your impairment. The social worker can provide supportive counseling, information about community resources, help with practical problems and participate in discharge planning.

Vocational Counsellor
A vocational counsellor may be asked to assess your present job environment, to work with you on future employment concerns and/or to provide information on alternate training and educational opportunities.

Recreation Therapist
The Recreation Therapist can assess your present leisure involvement, assist you with adaptations to return to past leisure interests or explore other leisure options, and provide information related to community services and programs.

Rehabilitation Attendants
Rehabilitation Attendants are available to assist you both on the Unit and in therapy with functional activities.

A dietician is a nutrition specialist who will review your eating habits, recommend a diet to meet your special needs and teach you and your family to understand your dietary needs.

The orthotists select/make and fit orthotic appliances such as splints, braces, etc.

The prosthetists make and fit artificial limbs to replace the function and appearance of a missing body part.

The volunteers, who give freely a wide range of time and talents, participate on an individual and/or group basis.

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