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Lung function testing, performed by Respiratory Therapists, evaluates how well lungs work. The tests determine how much air lungs hold, how quickly air is moved in and out of the lungs, and how well the lungs add oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the blood. The tests have the capability to diagnose lung diseases and measure the severity of lung problems. A Spirometry measures how much and how quickly air is moved in and out of the lungs. Gas diffusion tests measure the amount of oxygen and other gases that cross through the lungs, which evaluates how well gases are being absorbed into blood from the lungs. Inhalation challenge tests are given to patients to determine if they have asthma.

Pulmonary Function (PF) testing is ordered by physicians to screen for the presence of obstructive and restrictive lung diseases, and to evaluate patients prior to surgery. Testing at the PF lab may also include arterial blood gas sampling and exercise oximetry (oxygen level) testing.

For more information, contact the RGH PF Lab at 766-4409.

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