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  1. It takes approximately 48 hours for your cast to become completely dry and set. Do not put any pressure on your cast during this period.
  2. Do not get your cast wet. Protect your cast with plastic while washing or bathing. DO NOT use heat on a plaster cast.
  3. Elevate the limb on pillows - above the level of the heart. This will improve circulation in the limb and reduce swelling and pain.
  4. Do not put anything (e.g. coat hangers) inside the cast for the purpose of scratching.
  5. Move fingers and toes several times every hour you are awake to prevent them from becoming stiff and swollen. Parents are asked to encourage their child to do this.
  6. Do not try to repair or cut your cast yourself.
  7. If the cast becomes uncomfortable - (too tight or too loose) or if extremities become swollen, blue, numb or cold, elevate cast on a pillow above the heart level and if not better in 30 minutes, have the cast checked. Parents are asked to check their child's hands and feet for these symptoms.
  8. Call your doctor if there is a foul odor or severe pain in spite of medication.
  9. If any pressure points or sore spots develop under your cast, have it checked immediately.
  10. In the event that problems occur with your cast, contact your doctor or Emergency/Cast Room.
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