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Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) celebrates significant surgical success, as of April 20, 2015 a total of 26,575 patients had surgery in the Region in 2014-15.

 In April 2010, approximately 6,000 patients were on the RQHR surgery wait list who had been waiting more than three months for their procedure. As of March 31, 2015, 182 patients had waited longer than three months without a scheduled surgery date.


RQHR Patients, Staff and Physicians Teams Contribute to Region’s Celebration of Significant Surgical Success News Release

As a region, we have reduced the number of patients waiting three months or more for surgeries from approximately 6,000 people to 182 people. This accomplishment was achieved through the hard work of several teams working together to better the patient experience and subsequently the lives of many. Thank you to our teams for reaching this milestone.

Patient Surgical Stories

Brad’s Story

After getting over the claustrophobic environment of the MRI machine, my surgery date was set and in short six weeks I was wheeled into surgery. The pain I experienced prior to surgery was sometimes immobilizing. Since my surgery in January of 2015, my quality of life is getting better every day. After six weeks post-op I was feeling remarkably better. The care I received while at the Regina General Hospital was nothing short of amazing.

“It was comforting to see how well the doctors worked together with the OR staff.”

As a former member of the Yorkton operating room staff, I tip my hat to the great work of the staff.

Thank you Dr. Beggs and the surgical team!

Brad Moroz

Chuck’s Story

Dr. Fraser had done an orthoscopic surgery on my knee back in 1993, so when it came time for him to do this surgery in June 2014, I was very confident going in. Once I got the referral, I only waited 80 days until surgery, which is much faster than I had expected. The surgery took place at the Regina General Hospital. From the time I got there to the time I was discharged, I was very well cared for.

“It’s been nearly one year and I’m back on my road bike for the first time in a long time.”

Recovery went very well and I am getting stronger every day. It takes time to heal.

Thank you to Dr. Fraser and the surgical team!

Chuck Stewart

Grant and Deb’s Story

A colon cancer diagnosis came as quite a surprise to my wife, Deb and I after my FIT test in December 2014. Previously I had no indication that anything was wrong. Within 25 days of my diagnosis on January 5, I underwent additional testing, had surgery to remove the cancer from my colon and I was told that the cancer had been removed. It was a busy few weeks with very little time to think.

“We are very grateful to the doctors and staff that made things so easy for us.”

There were many people and departments that worked together seamlessly to provide excellent service and care during this time.

Thank you to Dr. Cameron, Dr. Kaban and the surgical team!
Grant and Deb Veitch

Olga and Cliff’s Story

With a second knee surgery completed, I am well on the road to recovery. I saw a few changes between the first and second surgery, with the major one being the addition of the Hip and Knee Pathway Clinic experience during my second surgery. I felt more prepared and the group sessions after surgery were a huge motivation for me. Both of my experiences in the Pasqual Hospital were great. Caring staff ensured that I was well taken care of and they assisted me through my time there.

“Thank you to the staff for the great care I received while I got each knee done.”

Once home, in addition to the physiotherapy staff, my wonderful husband, Cliff, became my coach and continues to help me through my recovery.

Thank you to Dr. Shawush and the surgical team!

Olga & Cliff Dillman

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