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It's important for hospitalized patients waiting for non-elective surgery to know how they are scheduled and prioritized for surgery. Learn about planned surgeries, unplanned surgeries and fasting requirements for surgery.

Planned Surgeries

Planned surgeries are performed Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Regina General and Pasqua Hospitals.

Unplanned Surgeries

Unplanned surgeries are usually performed during evenings and on Saturdays and Sundays to minimize disruption to planned surgeries.

On Saturday and Sunday, the unplanned surgeries are performed throughout the day and evening, until midnight.

Unplanned surgeries are difficult to schedule and your wait could depend on:

  1. Operating room resources;
  2. Number of patients waiting for surgery; and
  3. If another patient's case is critical or their health changes, their case takes priority and there might be a delay in your surgery.

You might find out your surgery time just as the operating room and team are ready for you.

If it is the weekend and my surgeon is not on-call, can another surgeon perform my surgery or do I have to wait until Monday?

If both surgeons agree, the surgeon on-call can perform your surgery. The surgeon performing the surgery provides a report to the other surgeon.

Fasting and Eating Restrictions

Surgical patients must fast before having surgery. Fasting means that you cannot eat or drink anything.

If it is confirmed that you will not be having surgery that day, your care team tells you when to eat and when you must begin fasting again for surgery. The unit has food available or your family can bring food which follows the dietary restrictions that your doctor has ordered.

It is important to ask your care team your questions about your plan of care.

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