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The Children's Program at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre

  • provides therapy services to support the optimal development and enjoyment of life of children and youth who have physical disabilities, developmental challenges and/or communication disorders.

  • provides child and family centered services to meet individual needs through assessment, diagnosis, treatment, program planning, counseling, education, and discharge planning.

  • works with the family, the community and other Health Region services to provide support, mentoring and joint program planning.

  • provides therapy services within the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region and specialized services, consultation, mentoring and support to other Regions as outlined in the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, Children’s Therapy Services, Service Delivery Model.

Getting Started

Learn the referral process.

Children's Program Registration

What to do when you arrive for your appointment.

Children's Program Fees for Service

Family Resource Centre

Discover a variety of books, pamphlets and DVD’s available to loan to families.

Children's Program Team

​You will meet many people during your visits to Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. The following team members may be involved at different stages of your child’s development.

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