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The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region provides Emergency Medical Services directly and through affiliated ambulance services to residents of the Region.

About EMS

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides ambulance services to residents of Health Regions in Saskatchewan.

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Careers in Emergency 911 Communications

Communications Specialists work in a fast paced team environment evaluating emergency calls, processing inter-facility hospital transports, and deploying appropriate resources to facilitate those service requests.

Regional Communications Centre

The Medical Communication and Coordination Centre (MCCC) receives, evaluates and deploys resources in response to over 100,000 telephone interactions and requests for service a year.

Education and Development

Every paramedic in the province is required to participate in a continuing education program conducted by a recognized training coordinator (facilitator).

First Responder Teams

First responder teams provide essential service to their communities.

Public Safety and Education

Public safety involves the protection of the general population from all manners of significant danger, damage or harm, ranging from "routine" emergency medical response to disaster rescue and recovery.

EMS Transport Fees

EMS Transport Fees