Fort Qu'Appelle Community Health Services Centre - About

The Health Services Centre offers a variety of community programs and services for the residents of the Fort Qu'Appelle area.

178 Boundary Avenue North
Fort Qu'Appelle, SK S0G 1S0
Phone: (306) 332-3300

Health Care Professionals

The services of a variety of health care professionals are available at the Fort Qu'Appelle Health Services Centre on a regular basis. For further information, please call:


Addictions   1-866-367-8743  
Dental Health Coordinator  332-3300
Diabetes Educator
Dietitian Services   332-3303  
Health Promotions   332-3301  
Home Care   332-3306 or 332-3307  
Mental Health   1-866-367-8743  
Physician Appointments   332-3345 
Physical Therapy   332-3316  
Public Health Nurses   332-3340   

Office Assistants

Our Office Assistants will welcome you to the Centre. They also direct public enquiries, create & type documents, file, book appointments, enter statistics and patient data, track staff, maintain office equipment, and order supplies.

Phone 332-3300

Influenza Clinics

Influenza clinics are held in the fall. Watch for posters. Click here for more information about influenza and influenza vaccine.

Resource Centre

The Fort Qu'Appelle Health Services Centre is a community resource centre for health information, health services, health promotion and education. Please inquire at 332-3301.

Home Care

The Region's Home Care Services provides nurses and support workers to assist individuals in areas of nursing, palliative care, pre- and post-operative support, personal care, home-making and Meals on Wheels, enabling individuals to remain at home and maintain their independence. For more information, call 332-3306 or 332-3307.

Community Dietitian

The Community Dietitian provides individualized nutrition education, offers nutrition resources to the community, and promotes healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition. Phone 332-3303.

Diabetes Educator Provides diabetes education to clients with diabetes and their families and the community. The diabetes educator also promotes awareness of diabetes and healthy lifestyle for the prevention of Type 2 diabetes. Call 332-3317.


Dental Health Coordinator

The Dental Health Educator provides preventative programs aimed at reducing dental disease and promoting good oral health for you and your family. Services include individual screening/referral for children’s dental problems and fluoride programs. Call 332-3300.

Addictions Services

Addictions Services provides a wide range of community-based programs for people with addictions. Some programs are specifically for people dependent on alcohol or drugs, and include support, education and counseling for their family members.

To book an appointment, assessment, or to make a referral for treatment services for drug or alcohol dependency call 1-866-367-8743.

Mental Health Workers

Individual counseling is available for people experiencing severe difficulty coping, day to day, and who show significant deterioration in their level of functioning and mental health. A rehabilitation program provides long-term case management and rehabilitation services for clients who have a long-term serious mental illness. Ongoing support and counseling enables clients to achieve and maintain mental wellness and their optimal level of independence in the community. Services are provided on-site and in the community. Call 1-866-367-8743.

Physical Therapists

Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who help people of all ages and lifestyles gain and maintain their desired level of active living and physical mobility. With their applied knowledge and understanding of the human body in action, physiotherapists can work with you to increase your mobility, relieve your pain, build your strength and improve your balance and cardiovascular function. They not only treat injuries, they can also teach you how to prevent pain or injury that can limit your activity. Call 332-3316.

Public Health Nurses

Public health nurses provide immunization, developmental screening and counseling. They offer education and prevention services to individuals, families, groups, and communities around puberty, personal hygiene, head lice, safety, smoking, self-esteem and body image, communicable disease, sexually transmitted disease, human reproduction, and birth control. Programs include RiskWatch, Families First, and Parents First. Call (306) 332-3340.

Health Promotion Coordinator

The Health Promotion Coordinator assists the community in determining its health needs using a population health approach, which identifies the full range of factors that determine health, and promotes action to improve the population's health. Call 332-3301.

Presentations and resources are available on a variety of topics including: General Safety, Farm Safety, Tobacco Reduction, Second-hand Smoke, Fall Prevention, Strengthening Exercises, Exercises Programs, Healthy Lifestyle, Stress, etc., Child Car Seats, and Bike Safety. Call 332-3301.

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