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The Grenfell Health Centre provides outpatient services, ambulatory care and community health services such as public health, mental health, addictions, nutrition services, community therapy, Parenting Plus, and health promotion.

Services provided

Outpatient/Ambulatory Care Services are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, excluding statutory holidays.

Laboratory and x-ray services are provided with an order from your physician.

Visiting professional services are available at various times each month. Contact the health centre to find out what services are available and when you can receive them.

Equipment and medical supplies (such as splints, crutches, cervical collars, fiberglass casts) will be provided at cost or for a rental fee.

Minor Procedures (such as removal of moles, warts and toenails) can be done by appointment only. Appointments will be booked through your physician's office.

Wellness Clinics, such as foot care and blood pressure clinics are scheduled on a regular basis by appointment only.

Information and Education is provided on an individual or group basis.

Contact Information

Where We are located

721 Stella Street
Grenfell, SK S0G 2B0

Mailing Address:
Box 243, Grenfell, SK S0G 2B0

Phone: (306) 697-4035
Fax: (306) 697-4023

Grenfell Health Centre (South Hall) Fax Number: (306) 697-4033

  • Chronic Condition Nurse Educator
  • Mental Health Services
  • Community Therapy
  • Parenting Plus
  • Dietitian
  • Autism Social Worker
  • Addictions

Grenfell Health Centre Fax Number (306) 697-4023

  • Rural Podiatry Referrals

Grenfell Health Centre Lab Fax Number (306) 697-4034

Health Care Professionals

The services of a variety of health care professionals are available at the Grenfell Health Centre on a regular basis. For further information, please call: 

Public Health     697-4040 
Mental Health Child/Youth    697-4021 or 697-4022 
Adult    697-4023 
Addictions    697-4032 
Parenting Plus    697-4048 
Health Promotions    697-4026 
Nutrition Services    697-4037 
Community Therapy    697-4049 
Home Care    697-4045   


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