Al Ritchie Heritage CHC: The Programs

Due to COVID-19 some of the in-centre services and programming are on hold or are being offered remotely. Please call 306-766-6320 for information on available services at this time.

Baby's Best Start Are you pregnant? Are you a teenager, Indigenous person or are you feeling isolated and alone? We can help! Our services include prenatal, postnatal and breastfeeding information and support, as well as home visits, nutrition coupons and cooking classes. Childcare is provided during classes at the centre. We also provide transportation to and from classes at the centre if needed. It's great fun and you get to interact with other women! For more information call 306-766-6320.

Community Computer
Come to the Al Ritchie Heritage Community Health Centre or phone and book the computer to use the Internet to search for jobs and to prepare and fax your resume.

Cooking Groups 
By joining a cooking group you can save money, try new recipes, gain new cooking skills, learn more about good nutrition and enjoy cooking with other people from your community. If you want to join in the fun or for more information, call 306-766-6320.

Primary Care Nurse
Nurse Practitioner services are available at the Al Ritchie Heritage Community Health Centre every Thursday. The Nurse Practioner can assess and manage common adult and childhood health conditions such as coughs, colds, skin conditions, sore throats, earaches and bladder infections. Babies and children can be weighed and measured and have their development monitored. Blood pressure and blood sugar screening can be done as well as breast exams and well women checks. The Primary Care Nurse can also renew prescriptions for birth control pills and some other medications - if the client's condition is stable. Health information and teaching are also part of the Primary Care Nurse's role. Call 306-766-6320 to make an appointment.

KidsFirst is a free, voluntary home visiting program that offers child-centered, family-focused, strength-based programming. KidsFirst focuses on the well-being of Regina’s children and supports healthy and productive development from prenatal to 3 years. Families are accepted to the program after the completion of an in-depth assessment based on level of risk and need. To make a referral, by self or community agency, call 306-766-6340 or visit our website.

Midwives have specialized education and are registered and licensed with the Saskatchewan College of Midwives. The midwives only work with low risk pregnancies and will tell you if you are high risk and should be seen by a doctor instead. The reason that the midwife only works with low risk mothers is that they want the best care for you and your baby. High risk moms are best followed by a doctor. A midwife works with you and your family to provide care, support and guidance during pregnancy, labour, birth and the six weeks after your baby is born. At any time during your pregnancy you can ask for a midwife to provide your pregnancy care.

Seniors Lunch
Since early 1998 a group of area seniors have been meeting once a month for lunch. New members are always welcome. It is a great way to meet new people and learn what is happening in your community.

Around the Neighbourhood

  • Food Bank Referrals - The Al Ritchie Heritage Community Health Centre offers referrals to the Food Bank. Call 306-766-6320 and have your health card ready if you are applying for the first time.
  • Looking for Work - Come into the Al Ritchie Heritage Community Health Centre or phone and book the use of the computer for an Internet job search, and to prepare or fax your resume.
  • Family Basket Program - The program is available at the Al Ritchie Heritage Community Health Centre. The basket is packed with fresh fruits and vegetables bought from the wholesaler the day you receive them. This is a great way for you and your family to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.
Primary Health Care. Learn More.

Primary Health Care is the everyday support for individuals and communities to better manage their own health.

Primary Health Care