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The Regina General Hospital holds a key role in the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region's integrated health care system.

One of the Region's two major hospitals, the Regina General Hospital has a long history of providing progressive and innovative institutional health care to the people of southern Saskatchewan. In conjunction with many community health services in the Region, this acute care facility is a leader in providing a seamless system of health care to its clients.

As a major referral centre, the Regina General Hospital is staffed with many talented medical professionals experienced in a variety of specialties including cardiosciences, neurosciences and trauma care. Home to technologically-advanced medical and diagnostic equipment, the Regina General offers a full range of specialized acute care services. Canada's first factory-delivered, eight-slice Computed Tomography (CT) and the new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) located at the Regina General Hospital are two examples of the state-of-the-art diagnostic technology available to the Region's clients.

The Regina General Hospital has grown considerably since it opened as the Victoria Hospital in 1901 with 25 patient beds. Updates and renovations to the facility during 1998-99, have created new space for many specialized programs and services to meet health care needs of today and tomorrow.


Ambulatory Care

The Ambulatory Care Clinic handles many non-urgent, scheduled cases.

Ambulatory Care includes space for:

  • examinations, consultations, interviews and procedures;
  • orthopedic clinics, such as cast removal;
  • recovery areas following diagnostic procedures, such as CT biopsies and cardiac catheterizations; and
  • scheduled minor surgeries.

Burn Unit

The Southern Saskatchewan Fire Fighter Burn Unit is one of the most advanced units of its kind in Canada. The unit includes state-of-the-art burn treatment facilities and a dedicated operating theatre.


The Region supports the study, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of heart and related conditions through its cardiosciences programs and services. Many of these programs, including diagnostic, cardiac care and cardiac surveillance, are based at the Regina General Hospital.

A new single plane cardiac catheterization laboratory referred to as a cardiac cath lab, along with an existing bi-plane cardiac cath lab, are used by cardiac specialists in the Region to offer the most clinically responsive cardiac technology available.

Critical Care Services

The Intensive Care Units at the Regina General Hospital specialize in the care of critically ill clients who require monitoring that is not available on a general nursing unit. A team of physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers, dietitians, volunteers, pastoral care, and support staff work together to care for the patients in the unit. The units are equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring systems and equipment used to provide expert care.

A 12-bed Medical/Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (MPICU) is designed to provide critical care to a diverse client population. Adult, pediatric, maternity, and critical burn patients are cared for in the Unit. MPICU staff form the Pediatric Transport Team that covers the Southern half of the province.

Clients who have undergone general, trauma, neurosurgery, and cardiovascular surgeries are cared for in a 12-bed Surgical Intensive Care Unit.


Diagnostic Imaging Services

The use of new technology has enhanced the ability to diagnose conditions without surgery. The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region has continued to pursue advanced diagnostic equipment, including the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Spiral Computed Tomography (CT) scanners, which greatly improve early detection of disease.

Emergency Services

The Regina General's high-volume Emergency Department provides 24-hour-a-day emergency care to patients, including evaluation, treatment, and referral of adult and pediatric patients with serious illnesses, injuries and trauma.

Infectious Diseases Clinic

The Infectious Diseases Clinic provides outpatient care for patients in Southern Saskatchewan with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis, along with other complex infectious diseases on a referral basis.

Laboratory Services

The Regina General Hospital houses the central laboratory services for southern Saskatchewan. Trained technologists perform chemistry, hematology, transfusions, microbiology and cytogenetic testing. Results are sent to identified locations, such as nursing stations and de-centralized labs, via a specialized computerized Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Laboratory Collection Services

Laboratory technicians collect specimens, including blood and urine, from clients on the request of their doctor or specialist. These specimens are forwarded to the central lab for testing for disease or illness.

Mental Health Services

Both in hospital and in the community, Mental Health Services provides a range of treatment and support services for individuals, and their families, suffering from mental illness. The Regina General Hospital is home to a specially-designed, 50-bed inpatient unit that meets the unique safety and functional needs of the services provided.


Neurosciences at the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region is comprised of a team of professionals trained in the growth, development and function of the nervous system. This team offers a wide range of specialized medical care at the Regina General Hospital. Advanced diagnostic equipment, including the Spiral CT scanner and the MRI, along with new enhanced facilities, are available to assist specialists in providing appropriate care.


The radiology unit is equipped with the technology and professionals to perform x-rays and ultrasound testing that is important to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease or injury.

Renal Dialysis Services

Clients from all parts of southern Saskatchewan come to the Regina General Hospital for hemodialysis treatments. Hemodialysis involves diffusing, or cleaning blood of toxins by circulating it through special tubes in order to maintain a fluid, electrolyte or acid-base balance for individuals with impaired, or non-existant kidney functions.

Sleep Disorders Centre

The sleep laboratory at the Regina General Hospital studies and treats individuals with sleep disorders.

Surgical Care Services

Today's surgical procedures have required careful planning of space and time to perform at optimum levels. Pre-admission planning allows patients to be prepared in specially-designed pre-operative areas before scheduled surgery in operating rooms. A day surgery program has been put in place to accommodate patients requiring surgery who do not need to be admitted to hospital.

Operating rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to perform a wide range of surgeries, including cardiac, neuro and laproscopic, as efficiently as possible. Inpatient surgical units manage patient care immediately following surgery.

Trauma (Major Emergency) Care

Trauma care requires quick response, trained professionals and accessible equipment and medical facilities. The Regina General Hospital is equipped to handle major life-saving emergencies and serves as southern Saskatchewan's major trauma centre. When a trauma arrives at the hospital, the Trauma Team - which includes physicians, nurses, residents and technicians - are given first priority for the emergency room, laboratory testing and diagnostic equipment.

Wasakaw Pisim Native Health Centre

Services offered by the Native Health Centre are designed to reflect the importance of nature, spirituality, the circle and prayer for the overall well being of the client.

The staff of Wasakaw Pisim visits units, provides translations or interpretations if needed, assesses emotional and financial needs, helps those in crisis, discusses cross-cultural issues and addresses Native concerns in health care.

Women's and Children's Health

This comprehensive program focuses on the various health issues that face women and children. A full spectrum of women's health programs are available, as well as high-quality obstetrical, pediatric, neonatal, adolescent and psychiatry services to meet the care needs of children and their mothers.
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