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Broadview Hospital provides inpatient, emergency and outpatient/ambulatory care services.

Outpatient/Ambulatory Care Services

Broadview Hospital

Outpatient/Ambulatory Care provides services that are scheduled or ordered by your physician.

Laboratory and x-ray services are provided on weekdays during regular hours with an order from your physician.

Visiting professional services are available at various times each month. Contact the hospital to find out what services are available and when you can receive them.

Equipment and medical supplies (such as splints, crutches, cervical collars, fiberglass casts) will be provided at cost or for a rental fee.

Minor Procedures (such as removal of moles, warts and toenails) can be done by appointment only. Appointments will be booked through your physician's office. 

Information and Education is provided on an individual or group basis.

Emergency Services

Immediate emergency care is provided at the Broadview Union Hospital. Physician services and/or emergency consultations are provided Monday – Friday from 0800-1700. Emergency Services are not available on statutory holidays.  

Emergency laboratory and x-ray services are provided when the emergency depart is open. 

If you require more extensive emergency treatment, rapid transport to a specialized facility will be arranged.

Inpatient Services

Inpatient services provides Alternate Level of Care services to Adults and older youth.

Perinatal Care is provided to pregnant women during or around the time of delivery. Delivery Care is not provided. You will be transferred to a larger centre if you require care beyond what Broadview Hospital can provide (and if time permits).

Palliative Care services provide compassionate, supportive care to the terminally ill.

Observation Services are provided to assess your condition prior to your admission or discharge from hospital.

Emergency respite provides respite care resulting from an urgent and immediate need. Standard respite care fees apply to this service.

Native Liaison Worker

The Native Liaison Worker is a link between First Nations people in the area and the Broadview Union Hospital. The Liaison Worker educates employees and works to increase awareness and understanding of First Nations cultural beliefs and practices.

Visiting Hours - Open Family Presence

The RQHR is joining all other health regions across the province in supporting families as equal partners in their loved one’s care, and has approved an Open Family Presence Policy for all RQHR facilities beginning in 2016-17.

To learn more about Open Family Presence click here.

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