Randall Kinship Centre

This is a voluntary program. The Centre and its program were developed to meet the special needs of families that have children and youth with serious disruptive behaviour problems, including conduct disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder. Families, as a whole, are provided treatment and support. The services provided are designed to meet each child’s unique needs. An outreach approach is provided with the goal of addressing barriers to service. Staff plan with a variety of community members, professionals, and other agencies. This kind of coordinated approach is more likely to produce better, lasting results for children, youth, and their families. The services are provided in ways that are culturally affirming.

Address & Contact Information

Randall Kinship Centre
1680 Albert Street
Regina, SK
Phone: 306-766-6700

Location Map

1680 Albert Street, Regina, SK,
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