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Media Backgrounder - Regina Pioneer Village

17-May-2018:  Media Backgrounder - Regina Pioneer Village

LifeLabs is now providing community laboratory collection services in Saskatchewan

26-Mar-2018:  Starting April 1, 2018 LifeLabs will provide community laboratory collection services at 10 locations in Saskatoon and Regina, as well as access to mobile services.

Domestic animal contracts rabies in rural southern Saskatchewan

26-Jan-2018:  Regina and Weyburn Public Health have been notified that a Regina dog contracted rabies after an extended stay in a rural area near Weyburn.

Temporary Water Shutoff at Pasqua Hospital

19-Jan-2018:  Patients, visitors and staff at Regina’s Pasqua Hospital will experience a water disruption Saturday night and Sunday morning due to planned improvements and maintenance to the water and sewer lines.

Regina EMS, ER and surgery patients rise due to icy conditions

10-Jan-2018:  Residents are urged to take care outdoors, as Regina’s health care facilities are seeing increased injuries requiring treatment due to icy weather conditions.

Improved Patient Services On The Way With New Regina And Saskatoon Community Laboratory Contract

14-Dec-2017:  Patients in Regina and Saskatoon will have access to enhanced laboratory services beginning April 1.

Co-Ordinated Team Approach Catches On in Saskatchewan Hospitals

12-Dec-2017:  More Accountable Care Units are Serving Patients in Regina and Saskatoon

Legislation Proclaimed To Launch Saskatchewan Health Authority

04-Dec-2017:  Today, the Saskatchewan Health Authority officially launched, with the proclamation of The Provincial Health Authority Act.

Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region becomes part of the new Saskatchewan Health Authority

04-Dec-2017:  The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region is a part of the provincial Saskatchewan Health Authority, and is currently developing a comprehensive and intuitive website for the Authority.

A Saskatchewan woman’s lifeline: the Maternal Wellness Program

30-Nov-2017:  The “Strength of Our People” series features stories of compassion and care by Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region staff.

Strength of Our People

29-Nov-2017:  The “Strength of Our People” series features stories of compassion and care by Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region staff.

Animal Bite Investigations Trending to Exceed 700 in 2017

28-Sep-2017:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) investigated 675 potential rabies exposures in 2016 with 66% (or 455) of those being dog bites. Last year 55 people received the rabies vaccine post exposure, 10 of which were due to dog bite exposures. Dog bites accounted for 76% of all the reported animal bites in children aged 12 and under, however the chance of contracting rabies is very low.

More than 50 Procedures Postponed or Moved From the Pasqua Hospital Thursday Due to Water Damage From a Burst Pipe

21-Sep-2017:  More than 50 procedures at Pasqua Hospital have been postponed or moved to the Regina General Hospital Thursday due to a water pipe bursting on the Gastro Intestinal (G.I.) Unit late Wednesday evening.

Temporary Changes to Wolseley and Grenfell Health Care Services beginning Sept. 1, 2017

28-Aug-2017:  Residents should be aware of the following changes to health care services, which will be in place beginning September 1, 2017

Residents Reminded to Take Precautions Against West Nile Virus

10-Aug-2017:  In the first week of August, mosquitoes from one of the monitoring stations in the City of Regina have tested positive for West Nile Virus. This indicates that the virus is present in the City and circulating at low levels at this stage.

RQHR Strengthens Financial Controls Following Investigation Into Potential Contractor Billing Irregularities

26-Jul-2017:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) is strengthening its internal financial controls as well as procurement practices and procedures following an investigation into contractor billing irregularities.

PACT is the Real Deal

28-Jun-2017:  The success of the Regina Police and Crisis Team (PACT) in its first year of operation has resulted in more funding for increased services beginning in September 2017.

UPDATE - Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage in North America

19-Jun-2017:  There are changes to how Yellow Fever vaccine is being provided to clients in Saskatchewan, starting today.

RQHR Forms New Partnership to Enable More Seniors to Enter Assisted Living

07-Jun-2017:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) has entered into a partnership with Eden Care Communities and Mutchmor Lodge to improve access to assisted living facilities and enable clients to live more independent lives.

Regina’s College of Medicine Campus to Grow

07-Jun-2017:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority (RQRHA) and the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine have committed to a formal 10-year agreement to work together to further develop the University’s College of Medicine Regina campus, to support access and quality of care in the southern region of the province.

Emergency Medical Services Open House

01-Jun-2017:  Regina Qu’Appelle Heath Region’s Emergency Medical Services invites the community to attend their open house on Saturday, June 3, 2017 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at EMS Central, located at 1350 Albert Street.

EMS Driving Training Drill

10-May-2017:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel will be conducting a driver review of emergency vehicle operations on Thursday, May 11, 2017, and wishes to advise the public of the location involved so as not to cause any unnecessary alarm.

Podiatry Services Update

09-May-2017:  The RQHR advises that publicly funded podiatry services will no longer be provided by health regions.

Pasqua Hospital Main Entrance Temporary Closure May 5 – May 9

03-May-2017:  The main entrance at the Pasqua Hospital will be temporarily closed between 7:30 a.m. Friday, May 5 until 4 p.m. Tuesday, May 9 to accommodate necessary maintenance to the flooring and mechanical system in and around the vestibule.

Patient-centred care, even in the parking lot.

06-Apr-2017:  The compassion shown by a region parking attendant offered one woman the care she needed where she least expected it.

Better care for cardiac patients

10-Apr-2017:  An improvement team put processes in place to ensure that electrocardiogram tests are done right the first time.

Board Approves RQHR 2017-18 Strategic Plan

29-Mar-2017:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority (Board) has approved the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region’s (RQHR’s) Strategic Plan, endorsed its 2017-18 Business Plan and approved its operating budget in principle. Together, these plans position the region’s work to support a successful transition to the new Provincial Health Authority.

New ER Wait Times Funding Will Expand Accountable Care Teams

28-Mar-2017:   Health Minister Jim Reiter announced today that a portion of new funding to improve emergency department wait times will be used to expand the innovative Accountable Care model of inpatient care. A new investment of $12 million to improve emergency department wait times was announced in last week’s budget.

New approaches prevent falls in long term care

14-Mar-2017:  Rural long term care facilities are using visual tools and problem solving to prevent resident falls.

Shorter in-hospital waits for emergency surgery

14-Mar-2017:  Recent improvements have reduced patients' pre-operative waits for surgery by half.

High Patient Volumes at Regina Emergency Departments

14-Feb-2017:  Regina’s Emergency Departments are currently experiencing very high volumes, and the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) is advising patients to expect longer waits for care.

Compassion in a Time of Loss

19-Jan-2017:  A patient reflects on their experience.

Some Surgeries and Procedures at Pasqua Hospital Can Proceed on Wednesday

10-Jan-2017:  Surgery and procedure scheduling is in the process of returning to normal following a ventilation equipment failure Monday that resulted in the postponement of all surgeries and some procedures at Pasqua Hospital on Tuesday.

Regina Hospitals Enter Busiest Time of the New Year

09-Jan-2017:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region’s two tertiary hospitals are prepared for their busiest time of the year to begin this month.

Surgeries and Some Procedures Postponed at Pasqua Hospital Tuesday

09-Jan-2017:  Dozens of Pasqua Hospital surgeries and procedures are being postponed or moved to the Regina General Hospital Tuesday in order to ensure safe and sterile patient care following a localized ventilation system failure Monday afternoon.

More efficient space for Uniform Room staff

05-Jan-2017:  Regina General Hospital's Uniform Room gets a welcome make-over.

New Year's Baby 2017

01-Jan-2017:  Baby Jaxtyn Carter Kinvig arrived at 2:21 AM

The Sacred Bundle

23-Nov-2016:  A man came to us as a part of a community focus group.

Making the Flu Shot Fashionable: Influenza Immunization Clinics Open Today

31-Oct-2016:  Influenza immunization clinics begin October 31 at various locations and times throughout the region.

Celebrating Kinesiology Week October 17-21

20-Oct-2016:  RQHR Celebrated Kinesiology Week.

Health community consultation draws many to Fort Qu’Appelle

20-Oct-2016:  RQRHA holds community consultation in Fort Qu'Appelle

Regina medical students sweep the awards

06-Oct-2016:  Two Regina-based medical students recently presented studies conducted as part of last year’s Summer Student Research program at the Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery (CSVS) annual meeting in Halifax

The Big Crunch

06-Oct-2016:  Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger (REACH), in partnership with United Way Regina and the RQHR Health Promotion Department, is holding the fourth annual Big Crunch.

Better equipping new managers

08-Oct-2016:  Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region is better preparing new managers for their new responsibilities.

More sites for lung function tests

19-Dec-2016:  RQHR residents now have access to lung testing at more urban and rural sites.

Safer care for pediatric patients

15-Oct-2016:  Staff at Regina General's Pediatric inpatient Unit now ensure patients wear identification wristbands with the correct details prior to every procedure.

Solutions support staff with work attendance

08-Oct-2016:  Changes help managers more easily identify employees with high incidental sick time.

Eye Centre impressing community doctors

29-Sep-2016:  One physician in the community is thrilled with the work done in the region’s Eye Centre, and he’s telling everyon

Event helps Respiratory Therapy work smarter

11-Oct-2016:  An improvement event at Regina General Hospital's Respiratory Services has increased department efficiency.

Stopping the spread of superbugs

14-Nov-2016:  RQHR has launched a program to ensure the Region applies the most effective practices and processes when using antimicrobials.

2016-2017 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Program

28-Sep-2016:  The seasonal influenza campaign runs from October 31, 2016 to March 31, 2017. • All residents 6 months of age and older are eligible to receive publicly funded influenza vaccine.

Accreditation Canada Visit

28-Sep-2016:  Two surveyors visited the Region from September 14th to 16th. Read more on what happened.

Antimicrobial Stewardship and Accountable Care Unit Five Minute Updates

28-Sep-2016:  An update on how far the project has come, what still needs to be done and what's next. Read more.

Appropriateness and Transfusion Safety Update

28-Sep-2016:  Updates on the work done for Appropriateness of Care and changes to Transfusion Safety protocol.

Better care for men diagnosed with prostate cancer

28-Sep-2016:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) and the Ministry of Health have made enhancements to the Prostate Patient Care Pathway that will have positive impact on men being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Board of Directors Community Consultation

28-Sep-2016:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region’s Board of Directors is hosting a Community Consultation Meeting.

Caring for Seniors in Our Community

28-Sep-2016:  These twenty two tips serve as a wonderful reminder to all of us on how to care for our older patients within the circle of care. Read more.

Conferences and Courses: Child Maltreatment and Perspectives on Disruptive Behaviour and Online Pain Course

28-Sep-2016:  See the schedules and what you can get from each of these important conferences. Click to read more.

Enovation Replacement: Changes to Face and Pink Sheets and New Patient Billing

28-Sep-2016:  The RQHR is implementing a new registration system, Sunrise Enterprise Registration (SER), scheduled for November 2016. As such, there is opportunity to make improvements related to Face and Pink sheets.

General Internal Medicine at Pasqua

28-Sep-2016:  On September 1st a new call rotation commenced at the Pasqua.

Hematology/Transfusions Consent Update

28-Sep-2016:  Informed Consent audits for RQHR - the below information was presented to the RQHR Transfusion Committee on September 12, 2016.

Medical Quality Plan

28-Sep-2016:  Work has progressed on the medical quality plan with the research phase now giving way to the pilot phase.

Meet Your New Physician Colleagues

28-Sep-2016:  Five new physicians joined the region. Read more about each.

Prostate Pathway and Stroke Alert Information

28-Sep-2016:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region along with the Ministry of Health have made some enhancements to the Prostate Assessment Pathway. Plus, Canadian Best Practice recommendations for stroke care support.

RQHR Lab Newsletter

28-Sep-2016:  Read more on what's happening in the lab, and what region practitioners need to know.

Short Updates on Physician Resource Plan, TAVI and a Trauma Pilot Program

28-Sep-2016:  A brief update on each for physicians.

Update on Physician On Call Schedules

28-Sep-2016:  RPIW 100 is a Rapid Process Improvement Workshop that began in late May. The goal of this RPIW is to streamline the ease of generating the monthly on-call lists and provide an effective way to generate accurate daily on-call schedules that are accessible to all who need them. Read more.

Breaking the stereotype Librarians pound the pavement at QCM


Food is medicine - Malnutrition awareness

22-Sep-2016:  Food is medicine. Medicine Heals. These are key messages of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force to raise awareness for the second annual Malnutrition Week, September 26-30.

Four Directions Celebrates Milestone Achievement

22-Sep-2016:  It was a celebration to experience, not only observe.

Safe, High Quality Patient Care Key Focus as RQHR Moves Forward with Initiatives to Better Align Staff Resources

16-Sep-2016:  The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) will continue its key focus on safe, high quality patient care as it moves forward with initiatives to support better alignment of staff resources with patient care demand.

Stories from our resident centenarians - Part 3: She’s a great-great-great grandma

15-Sep-2016:  Meet a region centenarian, part 3.

Veterans relive memories of a time gone by

08-Sep-2016:  Picture a young boy with dreams of becoming a pilot.

Two RQHR Research Teams Awarded Funding

01-Sep-2016:  In partnership with the Canadian Institues of Health Research’s (CIHR) Strategy for Patient Oriented Research, the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation awarded funding to five teams conducting innovative research activities that have the potential to benefit the health of Saskatchewan residents.

Wolseley reduces medication ordering time 93 per cent

10-Sep-2016:  Staff at Wolseley Memorial Integrated Care Centre took part in an improvement event that reduced the ordering time of medications by 93 per cent.

SEICC Moosomin LTC Olympic games

25-Aug-2016:  Residents take part in the SEICC Moosomin LTC Olympic games.

Stories from our resident centenarians - Part 2: A hundred years of happiness - Celebrating a Region Centenarian

14-Jul-2016:  She has more life experience than most but the energy and spirit of youth.

DrugLine: Pharmacy newsletter

02-Aug-2016:  Attached is the latest issue of the RQHR DrugLine (May/June 2016).

Quality and Safety news: medical aid in dying and incomplete medical records

02-Aug-2016:  Read about the legislation requirements of both these important pieces of work.

Board approves business plans

02-Aug-2016:  At their meeting on July 20th the RQHR Board approved the budget as submitted by the Senior Leadership Team. As a result, the Business Plan submitted was approved for implementation. Read more on how this affects you.

General updates for physicians

01-Jan-0001:  DrugLine: Pharmacy newsletter, Disruptive behaviour conference and new contact info for Geriatric Services

Meet your new colleagues

02-Aug-2016:  Meet the newest practitioners in the Region.

Patient Flow news: Short Stay Unit at Pasqua reopening and GIM recruitment

02-Aug-2016:  We are pleased to announce that the Short-stay unit will reopen in its original space and recruitment efforts for GIM physicians.

Quality and Safety news: Beers criteria, accreditation visit and More 2 Eat study

02-Aug-2016:  Updated Beers Criteria for older adults, what physicians need to know about the accreditation visit coming in September, and a nutrition study we're participating in.

Quality and Safety news: Physician on-call schedules, Enovation Replacement Project

02-Aug-2016:  Reviewing on-call schedules and an update on the Enovation Replacement Project.

Quality and Safety news: Take-Home Naloxone, stroke alert and a prostate assessment pathway

02-Aug-2016:  Read more on three important pieces of work that will affect physicians in the Region.

Research funding opportunities

29-Jul-2016:  Funding opportunities in the Region with fast-approaching deadlines.

System Sustainability news: 6F goes paperless, search committee updates and the College of Medicine appreciation event

02-Aug-2016:  Read more and take a look at some of the pictures.

System Sustainability news: Parking rate increase and an update on medical imaging

02-Aug-2016:  Your parking may cost more and an update on what's happening in medical imaging

Updates on the ACU pilot and the Medical Surveillance Unit

29-Jul-2016:  The ACU pilot is in its last month, read more on what the data is saying. A quiet revolution in the Medical Surveillance Unit.

Board Approves RQHR Strategic and Budget Plans

20-Jul-2016:   ​The Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority has approved the RQRH's Strategic Plan and the 2016-17 operating and capital budgets.

Rabies Found in Regina Bat – Safety Reminders for People and Pets

14-Jul-2016:  RQHR is advising residents that one bat in Regina has recently tested positive for rabies.

Outstanding support for United Way’s International Day of Action

07-Jul-2016:   On June 21, RQHR employees and residents took part in the United Way’s International Day of Action building literacy kits.

Stroke Prevention Clinic changes reduce patient wait

07-Jul-2016:  People with stroke-like symptoms – who are referred to the Stroke Prevention Clinic for preventative follow up – are now seen by the clinic within an average of three to four days post-referral, rather than the previous six to eight.

A Healing Hero

06-Jul-2016:  Bedridden, nauseous and constantly in pain. This was not what one patient thought her life would be at 28 years old.

Strength of Our People Archive

01-Jan-0001:  The “Strength of Our People” series features stories of compassion and care by Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region staff.

Persistence pays off - One resident’s need for more beauty

30-Jun-2016:  One resident of Wascana Rehabilitation Centre (WRC) wanted to make her surroundings more beautiful, so she took action.

Staff get active in the community

30-Jun-2016:  It’s been a busy month of June for RQHR staff who have been actively participating in and supporting local community events and initiatives.