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Quality Improvement News - Long Term Care

New approaches prevent falls in long term care

14-Mar-2017:  Rural long term care facilities are using visual tools and problem solving to prevent resident falls.

Changes improve shift handover, resident care

12-Apr-2016:  An event at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre’s (WRC) Unit 2-6 has created work standards that have improved resident safety and made shift handovers shorter and more meaningful.

Less waiting, more choices for residents

05-Apr-2016:  Changes in work practices at Grenfell Pioneer Home mean that residents wait 86 per cent less before being assisted to breakfast.

Safer care for ventilated residents

18-Dec-2015:  Every time Unit 2-6 staff at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre come in contact with a ventilated resident, they conduct a hands-on 10-second check of ventilator connections, the result of a recent mistake proofing project.

Safer care for WRC residents

05-May-2015:  Staff at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre’s Unit 3-5 have virtually eliminated resident falls during one of their busiest times of day – from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m.