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Quality Improvement News - Medicine

Better care for cardiac patients

10-Apr-2017:  An improvement team put processes in place to ensure that electrocardiogram tests are done right the first time.

Safer care for pediatric patients

15-Oct-2016:  Staff at Regina General's Pediatric inpatient Unit now ensure patients wear identification wristbands with the correct details prior to every procedure.

Event helps Respiratory Therapy work smarter

11-Oct-2016:  An improvement event at Regina General Hospital's Respiratory Services has increased department efficiency.

Stopping the spread of superbugs

14-Nov-2016:  RQHR has launched a program to ensure the Region applies the most effective practices and processes when using antimicrobials.

Safer care for RGH Emergency patients

19-Apr-2016:  The medications of all Regina General Hospital Emergency patients are now either given to patients prior to transfer or accompany them when they are moved to an inpatient unit.

Improved reliability of allergy information

05-Apr-2016:  Patients in the core area of all RQHR emergency departments now have peace of mind knowing that their allergy information is properly documented.

Medication process improves patient safety

12-Apr-2016:  Physicians and nurses on Unit 5E now use a standard form to ensure changes to a patient's medications are appropriately communicated.

Rural ambulance patients waiting less

11-Feb-2016:  Rural patients travelling by ambulance to Regina General to meet with a consulting physician now spend at least 50 per cent less time waiting in Emergency.

Quicker lab results for sickest patients

18-Sep-2015:  Emergency physicians now have stat blood results 17 per cent quicker – within 43 minutes – as a result of recent improvement work.

EMS: Ready in minutes

18-Aug-2015:  Emergency Medical Services staff have reduced the amount of time they need to check and restock an ambulance at the start of each shift.

Less waiting for Heart Function Clinic clients

11-Aug-2015:  Improvements at the Heart Function Clinic at Pasqua Hospital mean clients now experience 87 per cent fewer appointment cancellations (fewer than three a month) and 38 per cent less waiting.

Faster care for heart patients

01-Jun-2015:  Heart patients brought to Regina General by STARS air ambulance and rural EMS are now registered for hospital admission while in transit.