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RQHR Project Focuses Efforts to Engage Physicians


The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) is launching a unique project today designed to help strengthen relationships and increase its ability to attract and retain physicians in the region.

As part of the provincial strategy to increase physician engagement, the region is moving forward with development of its Enhancing Physician Engagement at RQHR (EPER) project.

“The involvement of physicians in decision-making and strategic planning is critical to RQHR’s success in meeting its goals and providing the best health care experience to its patients,” said Glen Roberts, Executive Director, Practitioner Staff Affairs.

The first step in the project is sharing the results of three reports commissioned by the region, which provide ground-breaking research into the engagement process. The research papers, the first of their kind in the province, will provide the basis for engagement sessions, to be held this spring, to develop the principles and framework for the region’s future relationship with its physicians.

“The research papers provide us with a strong foundation to ensure that our relationship development efforts are on a solid, evidence-based footing. The long-term outcome will be a healthier, more productive work environment for our physicians, staff and administrators. In other words, ensuring that RQHR is a great place to work,” Roberts said.

“I’m pleased RQHR is launching this initiative, and look forward to working with the region on it in the coming months,” said Dr. Terry Ross, president of the RQHR Regional Medical Association and member of the project’s advisory committee. “I would encourage all physicians to participate in the sessions and survey, as your participation will be key to the project’s success.”

The research papers: Anchoring Physician Engagement in Vision and Values: Principles and Framework by Graham Dickson; A Roadmap for Trust: Enhancing Physician Engagement by Amer Kaissi and Compass for Transformation: Barriers and Facilitators to Physician Engagement by Metrics@Work Inc., Kelly Grimes and Julie Swettenham have been posted to the region’s internet site at this link:

“The goal of the EPER project is to build a new foundation for shared decision-making and accountability,” Roberts said. “We believe that physician engagement is key for a sustainable transformed health care system, and we look forward to working with our physicians and administrators’ colleagues toward a stronger, more productive and respectful future relationship.”

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