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Shorter in-hospital waits for emergency surgery


“The new process is valuable because it provides nurses with real-time information they can share with their patients.” Connie Fiorante 4D Manager

Connie Fiorante, manager of Pasqua Hospital’s Unit 4D, huddles with her team at their production board. The board allows staff to see at a glance the unit’s demand and capacity for the day.

Pre-operative patients at Regina General and Pasqua hospitals wait half as long (from 2.7 days to 1.4 days) for emergency surgery – and now know well in advance when their procedures will occur – as a result of recent improvements.

New electronic processes have been put in place so inpatient staff have access to the names of patients on their units waiting for surgery, the urgency of their procedures, and possible barriers that could delay their surgeries.

Staff are now able to pass along accurate, timely surgical information to patients and their families. Changes have virtually eliminated patient complaints, improved patient flow and increased system capacity.