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Third-Party Providers to Increase Surgery Numbers


The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) has signed contracts with two third-party surgical providers to help it meet its surgery goals.

“We are making progress in establishing the foundation needed to support our efforts to achieve the region’s surgery targets, and to meet the provincial goal of offering patients a surgery date within three months of identified need by March 2014,” said RQHR President and CEO Keith Dewar.

“When RQHR released its Revised 2012-13 Surgical Initiative Plan in June, it included many components, including actions to increase capacity and increase surgical volumes,” he said. “The two contracts with Regina-based third-party surgery providers we are announcing today will allow more people access to surgeries more quickly, helping us to provide better care to our patients and make additional progress toward reaching our goals.”

RQHR has signed a contract with Aspen Medical Surgery Inc. to provide shoulder and knee procedures. It has also signed an extension of its existing contract with Surgical Centres Inc.SCI) for that facility to provide more surgeries, in addition to those it already provides for the region. SCI can now also provide increased types of orthopedic and ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgeries, as well as cataracts and plastic surgery.

Surgeries in some of these new areas are already underway at SCI and Aspen is expected to begin offering surgeries before the end of November.

RQHR expects to do 2,000 to 2,500 procedures between the two facilities as a result of the new contracts. The cost per procedure from both facilities is less than the cost per procedure when completed in RQHR hospitals.

“Expanding our operating room capacity is a key step in bringing the wait times down. We also continue to work on other initiatives to provide more surgeries, more quickly to patients in RQHR,” Dewar said. “The foundational work that we are doing this year is essential to long-term achievement of our surgery targets. We are in the early stages of implementing our revised surgical plan, and expect we will soon see the steps we have and are taking begin lowering our wait times.”

“We will continue to work to provide surgeries as quickly as possible to all patients in need in RQHR,” he said. “The surgical plan initiatives we’ve implemented to date, these third-party contracts we’re announcing today, and the other actions we will soon be taking to enact the surgical plan, will all assist us in meeting our goals.”

To date, RQHR has implemented a number of initiatives in its Revised 2012-13 Surgical Initiative Plan, including:

• taking a number of steps to streamline its surgical booking service, such as: offering surgical booking dates three months in advance; eliminating the elective priority category; making improvements to its operating room allocation process; and using off-site facilities for surgical referrals;
• reviewing inpatient bed capacity and management to use RQHR’s resources more effectively, including moving some procedures to the women’s health centre to enable increased volumes of surgeries at the Regina General and Pasqua hospitals;
• discussing the possibility of accessing operating room capacity with other regions;
• continuing work on the region’s human resources plan, particularly with respect to OR nurse recruitment, and hiring additional orthopedic surgeons; and
• improving the quality of the region’s surgical service through the use of proven quality and safety tools and techniques, such as the surgical safety checklist.

“We will provide additional updates to the public on our progress as significant milestones are reached,” Dewar said.

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Published: 01-Jan-0001
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