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Occupancy Data for Regina - Updated 29-Feb-2020

Regina General Hospital

Regina General Hospital Capacity Report
Regina General Hospital - 29-Feb-2020

Pasqua Hospital

Pasqua Hospital Capacity Report
Pasqua - 29-Feb-2020

Please note: Operational Definition for ANBs (Admit No Beds) is the number of patients who have a MRP (Most Responsible Physician) assigned, but no inpatient bed available.

The above graphs provide a general overview of the capacity of acute care beds at Regina General Hospital and Pasqua Hospital. The occupancy percentages reflect only the occupancy of 371 Medicine, Family Medicine, and Surgical beds. (There are a total of 639 beds at the two hospitals, with the remaining 268 beds including Psychiatry, Maternal & Child, Critical Care and others). The above graphs provide only a general overview of system occupancy, and should not be interpreted to reflect wait times in the emergency departments, or for any other hospital-based service. For these beds ordinarily, the two tertiary hospitals operate at, or above, 100% occupancy. Surges in capacity are normal, and can be caused by many factors.

During times of excessive overcapacity the system responds in a variety of ways. ‘Overflow’ space is utilized at both Pasqua and Regina General Hospitals, for patients who are admitted to hospital but do not have an inpatient bed yet available to them; occasionally the utilization of this space requires the cancellation of previously-booked procedures or surgeries. Emergency surgeries or procedures always continue to occur as necessary.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority in Regina and area has a long-term goal of reducing ‘normal’ occupancy levels to below 100%. Initiatives to achieve this target are focused on improving patient flow throughout our system, preventing admissions where possible, and facilitating earlier discharges when safe and appropriate for patients.

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