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The Regina area of the Saskatchewan Health Authority (formerly Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region) has a goal of improving health status outcomes of Aboriginal people.

According to the 2011 Census, Aboriginal people make up 4.3% of the Canadian population, yet they face disproportionately higher rates of illness and other health crises such as:

  • diabetes rates three to five times higher than non-aboriginal Canadians;
  • TB rates eight to ten times higher than overall Canadian rate;
  • AIDS/HIV - AIDS overall infection rate is about 2.8% higher than non-Aboriginal Canadians;
  • higher rates of heart disease, strokes (almost twice that of non-Aboriginal Canadians) and more deaths from heart attack;
  • drug and alcohol addiction;
  • and increased suicide rates.

Note: Statistics from Stats Canada.

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Regina and Area Clinic Directory

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